Greetings from Aker Carbon Capture!

We have included a list of frequently asked questions here. In case of your queries are not covered here or you require additional information, our engineers at the Global Engagement Center are happy to assist through chat Embla. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to ccus@akercarboncapture.com for assistance.

Aker Carbon Capture is a leading carbon capture technology provider. We strive to mitigate the environmental cost of industry for a brighter, more sustainable future. To accomplish this goal, we’ve developed best-in-class technologies, including our market-leading, proprietary carbon capture solvent. Research is integral to everything we do, and it’s something we’ve invested a lot of time and money into.

We have more than 20 years of experience developing carbon capture technologies, delivering front-end design and testing large-scale carbon capture plants at industrial sites. Our market potential grows every day. With our past experience, and current resources, we’re uniquely positioned to become the #1 carbon capture player.

Our Just Catch technology has been applied across a wide range of industries onshore. It also exists in an offshore version addressing emissions from oil and gas production. Our products and solutions cover both mid-range and large-scale emitters. We have 10 years of experience with modular capture plants, and over 50,000 operating hours, capturing CO2 from WtE, gas and coal fired power plants, refineries and cement industries. Our plant offerings are as follows:

Just Catch™

For onshore facilities, we design and deliver medium scale and large-scale industrial carbon capture plant. Medium scale carbon capture plant includes Just Catch™ modular plants with capacity 40,000 and 100,000 tonnes per year carbon capture.

Big Catch™

Large scale plants, or Big Catch™, are custom engineered according to the client’s requirements and capacity.

Just Catch Offshore™

Modular plant design named Just Catch™ has been the basis for further transformation of the standard system design into an offshore modularized design which is called Just Catch OffshoreTM, with capacities from 120 up to 360 kTPA.

Our standardized carbon capture plant, Just Catch, offers fast delivery at low cost. The plant has a fixed configuration and comprises normally of four containers, columns, reboiler and flue gas fan. Aker Carbon Capture has used its extensive offshore experience to establish a modular and compact design to save on materials and to simplify fabrication, transport and installation.

  • Launched: 2018
  • Capacity modules: 40,000 and 100,000 metric tons CO2 per annum
  • Modularized and cost-efficient
  • ~15 months delivery time
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Compact design – 25m x 18m
  • Delivered in prefabricated containers brought to site
  • 100% automated

Decarbonized solutions for the oil and gas industry is high on the agenda for both operators and leasing companies. The Just Catch Offshore is tailored for new and retrofit FPSOs reducing the emissions from gas turbines onboard. Offshore Just Catch provides substantial CO2 savings and is both environmentally and financially advantageous.

  • Launched: 2019
  • Capacity: 120,000-360,000 metric tons CO2 per annum
  • Modularized and cost-efficient
  • CO2 capture from offshore gas turbines
  • Small footprint
  • Ideal for FPSO operators
  • ~24–30 months delivery time
  • Self-contained system
  • Low-cost alternative to offshore electrification
  • Retrofit potential

We design and deliver both medium and large-scale industrial carbon capture plants called Big Catch. Medium-scale carbon capture plants include Just Catch modular plants with a capacity of capturing 40,000 and 100,000 tons of CO2 per annum. The large-scale industrial carbon capture plants are custom-made and have a capacity higher than a Just Catch™ plant. The large-scale plant is based on Aker Carbon Capture technology and uses S26 solvent for carbon capture.

  • Capacity: > 400,000 metric tons CO2 per annum
  • Custom industrial plants
  • Engineered to order
  • ~30–36 months delivery time
  • Customized footprint
  • Using bulk materials – cost-efficient
  • For new and existing industry plants

HSE-friendly CO2 capture is essential when realizing carbon capture at scale. Aker Carbon Capture delivers best-in-class HSE based on our patented, proprietary solvent and technologies that prevent hazardous emissions. ACC Technology offers best-in-class HSE profile:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Low degradation and waste
  • Minimum corrosion

Aker Carbon Capture is a pure play carbon capture company which focuses on delivery of capture plants including capture, conditioning and intermediate storage. Plants are delivered as turn-key EPC projects utilizing sub-contractors for fabrication. In addition to proprietary technology for carbon capture, the company also provides own liquefaction technology for the larger plants as well as market leading heat integration solutions downstream.

Aker Carbon Capture works with companies from early feasibility and concept phases all the way through to final EPC delivery. In addition, the company provides key expertise along the value chain having been involved in elements of both transport, utilization and storage solutions.

For us, each customer is on a journey. That is why we are selective in the market on which projects we take on and offer a unique possibility to mature your project by working with globally recognized team of experts through a standard set of steps:

  • Exploration and insight:
    At this early stage of your carbon capture journey, we offer webinar, newsletters and knowledge sessions where you can learn from the more than 20 years of experience of being in the CCUS business. We invite customers and partners to share their views in the popular CCUS Academy series.
  • Showstopper and screening:
    When you have decided to start looking at carbon capture in more detail, our first step is to perform a showstopper and screening exercise. This complementary service will gather your flue gas specifications and key data on the plants you are evaluating to do an early assessment of your case.
  • Feasibility and concept:
    As a plant company, our experts are scarce and thus only selected of opportunities can be evaluated at any given time. In our standardized paid feasibility study offering, we therefore prioritize customers that are on a learning journey to explore concrete cases and get insightful results. Through a period of 2-4 months, you get an in-depth view of the technology with full access to our experts and a report in the end showing possibilities, preliminary designs and cost estimates.
  • Pre-FEED/FEED:
    Dependent on the need for large or medium size plants, we offer a range of preliminary project steps towards both the capture site integration as well as the larger scale capture sites themselves. Here we utilize our experts in heat integration and other crucial competencies to optimize the plant at hand.
  • EPC or technology license:
    The finished plants are either offered turn-key or as a technology license with key equipment and follow-up with local contractors. For the medium sized standardized plants, turnkey is always offered although customers can select to use local civil contractors and other supporting entities in a dialog with us.
  • Digital operations and service:
    All our plants are delivered with digital connection to our main operations center in Norway. We deliver a wide range of services ranging from our standard service all the way through to operational support and management of plant. Plants in our standardized Just CatchTM service are also made ready for further service models covering the full value chain from capture all the way through to permanent storage or use.

The key features that distinguish Aker Carbon Capture's Advanced Carbon Capture (ACC™) technology from other technology companies are:

  • HSE friendly solvent
  • Highly energy efficient process
  • Industry leader in low emissions to air
  • Robust solvent with no corrosion and minimal waste generation
  • Technology and process validated by an independent third party